Making Memories

This past Saturday I got the chance to take my oldest daughter kayak fishing with me. She started first grade last week and wasn't very excited about school. Unfortunately over the summer we had so much rain it washed most of my kayaking spots out to sea, Literally!! There was so much freshwater in my saltwater spots the fish were confused and just decided to completely change up their patterns. Because of me having to "look for fish", I chose not to take my kids very much this summer. Why?
Well they're 6,3, and 1. They've got short attention spans and going hours without a bite isn't on their to-do list! With the water finally getting right and things getting back to normal I decided to finally take Izabella fishing.

For the past several weeks, Izabella kept telling me she wanted to catch a redfish. I chose to stop by the bait shop and grab a few dozen live shrimp so she would be able to see plenty of action. We weren't disappointed! Right from the time we launched she was getting bites! I wanted her to be able to say she done it "all by herself", so aside from distance casting, all I did was bait her hook with fresh live shrimp. After about 30-45 minutes she finally got the hang of "popping" the cork. I knew it wouldn't be long before she finally hooked one of the many bites she was getting.

We were drifting down the bayou, working a flat next to the grass line. As we approached a feeder Creek I noticed some feeding fish. After a long cast past the fish, I handed her the rod and instructed her to reel in slack, pop the cork, and wait. It wasn't long after her second pop that the cork disappeared and the line tightened up. The drag started screaming and the rod was bowed up! Coaching her through the next 2 minutes were probably some of the best moments of my life! Seeing my little girl battle the fish she wanted to catch was truly amazing!! Finally after getting it in the net I seen her face light up! She was so proud, and I was too!

Who knew a 20" redfish would be the best fish I've ever seen caught!!


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