Vibe Sea Ghost (deck pad install)

     Around the beginning of June, Vibe released a brand new product, the “Sea Ghost deck pad kit”.  For a while now, Vibe owners have been wanting a precut deck pad kit. Vibe delivered one at a fraction of the cost expected for such a thing. At only $44.99 it’s almost a steal! Here’s a link to buy your own. 

Sea Ghost deck pad kit
The whole install only took about 10 minutes and turned out really good! Here’s a list of steps involved. 

1. Clean the front cockpit of your kayak

     Get all the old fish slime, scales, and mud off of the deck. I washed mine with soap and water. 

2. Dry it off

     Use a towel, let it sundry, etc. just make sure all the water is gone. 

3. Layout the pieces

     There’s 9 pieces in the bag, you don’t want to be getting any of them confused. It’s best to lay them out and make sure you’re getting them in the right place. 

4. Peel the backing off and press it down

     Start on one corner and peel a small amount of backing off. Make sure to press down the pad in a back and forth motion to make sure no air bubbles get under the pad. Continue to peel the backing and press the pad until it’s all the way on. 

5. Post up pics of your install

     When you find a great product, share it! Let’s get the word out on these awesome deck kits!

Here’s a link to the YouTube video I made of my install. 

CFCR Fishing deck kit install video
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